13 Secrets to Quickly Creating Your Course Online

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5 secrets to creating your online course with Julie Hood Hey girl you can member


By HGYC member Julie Hood

As a course creator, have you ever noticed how you set aside time to do something... and almost always fill it up?

Parkinson's Law is the old adage that work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion.

So let's use this to your advantage when you create your course!

The trick is to set aside a certain amount of time to complete one of the tasks for your course, and then make yourself finish.

Here are 13 secrets to create your course more quickly!  

#1 – Outline thoroughly... then you just fill in the blanks. 

#2 – Set up your computer folders ahead of time.  

#3 – Start ugly.  

#4 – Shorten your course.  

#5 – Batch your lessons.  

#6 – Hire out parts of the puzzle.   

#7 – Dump the video for the first round.   

#8 – Or if you do want video, simplify it.  

#9 – Create as you go.  

#10 – Keep the tech easy. 

#11 – Use music to help you focus when you are working.   

#12 – Eliminate something that you are currently doing to find more time. (I know I need to cut down on Netflix!)  

#13 – Schedule the time to work on your course in your calendar. 

Let me know which of these 13 you try!


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