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Our Story:
In December 2020  two sister-in-laws hoped on Clubhouse together to check out this new app.
They started a "room" and no one came in. They just played around with the buttons while they sat side by side in the same room. 
It was the early days of clubhouse. You had to apply for a club, fill out paper work and wait to see when it was approved.
On January 14, 2021  Tara got the notice Hey Girl You Can was approved to be a club.  It had two members. Tara and Caroline.
Less than 45 days later it had 10,000 members.
By March it had doubled to 20,000 members.
People were telling their friends.  Sharing their HGYC stories on social media.  Coming back week after week.
The club was hosting 100 rooms a week with a growing community of high achieving, integrity driven, collaborative women.
And the rest...well it's not history...it's only the beginning....
We would love for you to join us on Clubhouse!
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