How I Built My Credibility With the LinkedIn Top Voice Badge

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So this is cool. I just logged into LinkedIn and found out that I now have this fun little badge next to my name that recognizes me as a Community Top Leadership Voice. And it will stay on my profile for the next 60 days. Pretty sweat.

It's actually a pretty simple process to get a Community Top Voice Badge. You just need to Contribute to 3+ articles in one particular skill set. So in this case I chose Leadership.

Next you need to be in the top 5% of contributors for a specific skill, and among the first 2,500 badge holders for that skill. LinkedIn will look at things like the quality, engagement, and quantity of contributions when selecting the top 5%. The key for me was submitting answers in one skill set vs in various skill sets.

Of course, the oblivious is that your contributions need to be valuable. I tend to use real life examples from my own experience in my contributions.

If you want to earn a Community Top Voice badge here's how:

You can either search all the articles you can contribute to HERE

Or search under the topics you want to be known for HERE

It's my recommendation to choose one niche. For example under Leadership there is Leadership, Leadership Development, Leadership Development Coaching, & Leadership Training. These are 4 different skills. I choose just one "Leadership" and looked for articles under that one skill. Remember, you need at least 3 in one skill set.

I hope this helps you as you build your credibility and expertise! You have a message to give to the world and here's a simple way to get more eyes on you!

When you get YOUR Top Voice I hope you'll let me know!


PS Here's what it will look like when you get your badge. And as you can see I am NOT verified and I don't have a ton of followers! So anyone can earn this! 



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