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Project Broadcast Texting Service

This is the texting service I personally use for my business to manage thousands of customers and hundreds of team members. I have tried others but Project Broadcast if my favorite. I can group text, pre-schedule texts, utilize keywords, campaigns, tags for groups, and more.  They have excellent customer service and you only pay for what you use with rollover credits.  Get 75% off your first month with the HGYC Affiliate link HERE

Creative Fabrica

creative fabrica

Access all the design assets you will ever need for your creative business! Find all you need for branding, advertising, print-on-demand, or any other creative project in one place at Creative Fabrica! With their All Access Subscription, you can get full access to over 7 million fonts and designs - commercial license includedSounds amazing? Try the subscription now and download 10 fonts and designs of your choice for FREE! Get your FREE trial HERE

The Wealth Building Series

For over 20 years HGYC Founder Tara Geraghty has been coaching women in starting and operating profitable businesses. Here's what she has to say:

"When Tasha Cooper approached me about offering her expertise to the HGYC community I knew I had to say yes.  Tasha paid off $38K in student loan debt on her own as a single mom. She isn't just teaching money theory, she's teaching from real life, been there looking at the checkbook, counting pennies, experience. Women live longer than men, earn less than men, and often find themselves faced with life's 4 D's (Divorce, Death, Disability, or Downsizing). Everyone woman, regardless of her financial or personal situation needs to be money literate. I am excited to have Tasha's wealth building series available for our community."



Budgeting Bundle Hey Girl You Can Offers Money


The truth is, debt can be a very scary thing. Especially if you’re not sure what you should do about it. But there is one thing we all know – we all have bills we need to pay!

If they get sick, miss a few days of work, or have an unexpected expense they end up broke and living on credit cards for the rest of the month. It is hard to save when you can barely pay your bills.

This budgeting bundle offers a unique and powerful strategy that can help anyone get out of debt and change their life forever. It is simple, practical and easy to understand – not difficult like traditional methods often are.

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Credit Health Bundle Hey Girl You Can Offers Women and Money

Credit health is a big deal. It can cost you money and limit your opportunities in life.

Many people go into debt without fully understanding how credit works. They just know that they want or need stuff now, and they don’t care about the cost of the debt long term. This leads to unfortunate situations like bankruptcies and ruined credit ratings.

Liberated Works provides a holistic approach to improving one's credit health through education, awareness and coaching. We empower individuals with the knowledge and confidence to work towards a better financial future for themselves and their family. 

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 Business Bundle Money and Women Hey Girl You Can Offers

The truth is, starting your own business can be daunting.

Don’t want to risk quitting your job to start a business? Not sure you have enough money saved up? Have no idea how to get started?

The Secure the Wealth Bundle is the solution for people who want to build an online business but are stuck for ideas, don’t want to quit their day job, or are afraid of making mistakes. We teach you everything you need to know about starting an online business from scratch. This combination of 3 e-books and 5 on-demand videos give you the knowledge, motivation and confidence needed to launch your very own personalized online business that can make your dreams come true!

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