These are products and offers I personally use and love. I share them with you because I hope you love them too. Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions (and yes these are affiliate links). 


My Absolute FAV CMR System:

I could not live without Vipecloud. It has replaced SO many other paid programs for me and has streamlined my customer retention. I use it for everything!  (And the customer support is some of the best I have ever experienced!) Here’s how I use it:

  • Email marketing - gorgeous easy drag and drop design - all customers can be tagged, segmented followed
  • Content Manager - I can schedule all my social posts (and create templates) to post everywhere I want. I don’t need to pay for a separate service for this. 
  • Lead Magnets - I use this for my lead magnets and I even replaced my Google forms with their Sign Up Forms - I get a unique URL and sign ups are instantly imported into my email marketing lists. 
  • Sequences - If you have a Facebook group you will LOVE this! I can create content drip sequences to go directly in my groups (and if you are direct seller this replaced the extra expenses I was pay for things like Vissle and Post My Party etc)
  • Texting - You can also use this for mass texting (I don’t because I already was using Project Broadcast which I share below) The benefit of using Vipecloud is you don’t have to re-enter info in a second system.

There’s also a ton more features. Calendars, task lists, auto responders etc. I barely scratch the surface for what this powerful CMR does! You can try it HERE



Yes I love snail mail! I learned from my VA you don’t need to pay full price for stamps (mind blown) I now get all my stamps at 50%+ off check it out HERE and grab a coupon code for more savings.



If you want to sell products (either physical ones that you store or print on demand)  I use Shopify. I love that it is super easy to use and you can sell products, create email campaigns, and host your blog all in one place (this site is a Shopify site!).  For online selling I think they are the best!  Check it out HERE


If you want to make money blogging Bluehost is a must for your website hosting. One thing I learned hosting tons of blogging panels and info sessions is you need to own your own hosting from Day 1.  Bluehost is the one that is most commonly recommended and used by millions.  It's easy to use and offers a super low price point.  Check it out HERE



After researching tons of print on demand options I choose Printify. This is where I create all my HGYC products - everything from T Shirts, to notebooks, to bags - without having to carry any inventory on hand! Even better it seamlessly merges into my Shopify website.  No website? No worries they will even create a unique URL storefront so you can start selling immediately. Every business should use this - whether you want to brand yourself with custom cards, notebooks, and pens, or brand your business with T shirts and hats.  Drag and drop features make it super easy to use. 

Check it out HERE



This is my #1 most loved mass texting app.  I personally use this for my business to manage thousands of customers and hundreds of team members. I have tried others but Project Broadcast if my favorite. I  love it for so many reasons.

  • I can pre-schedule all my texts (so I text when I want and they receive it when I want - middle of the night ? No problem!  Forget to follow up? Never again I just schedule it!)
  • It gives me a dedicated biz line so my personal life and business aren’t a messy blurr.
  • I can text from my phone or desktop!  Helloo that’s awesome
  • I can mass text and still keep it personal with name fields etc
  • I can tag everyone by groups (customers, former clients, team members, leads or by events  ex: Hey Girl You Can June Networking event)
  • I can set up birthday and anniversary texts
  • I can create campaigns (You can do this for new team members or customers to get a “drip” of text messages that go out over weeks or months
  • This app saves me a ton of time!

Try it out with my link and get 50% off your first month or 10% off your whole first year! Click HERE


My FAV Grocery Shopping App:

Ok I am an Instacart addict. I can’t stand grocery shopping. I usually shop at Aldi because for $1.99 they will shop for me and all I do is pick up my groceries! But you can also use instacart for Wegmans (yay) and they also offer delivery. Check it out HERE. Plus you’ll get $10-$50 off to try it with my link.

How I Detoxed My House: 

I started shopping with an online USA based Wellness Club after my daughter was diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to detox the chemical load in our house. I started with their dishwasher detergent. Then I started researching laundry detergent, windex, bleach and home fragrance. It’s scary what we are breathing in.  I have been using their products for over 12 years now.  My personal favs:

  • Replenex Extra Strength (the best joint supplement I have ever taken)
  • Laundry Detergent (the stain remover is magic)
  • Allll the cleaning supplies 
  • Sol-U-Guard disinfectant (this was a Covid saver - Lysol is terrible)
  • Control GE (this shake cuts my sugar cravings)
  • Home fragrance (I love these because the regular ones on the market are pretty scary toxic)
  • Insect repellent (I am not spraying my kid with toxic stuff - I even use this on our dog) 

If you want info text me “Your Wellness Club”  at 848-222-3350 and I’ll send you a link with a video and more info to check out. 

My Fav Credit Card:

I’m an old school Capital One girl. They were one of the first credit cards I got after my divorce left me with trashed credit. I think their customer service is great, their protection policies are solid (I get regular texts to confirm if I really did mean to make that splurge purchase or if I was really in NYC) and when I have had issues they have always been taken care of quickly and easily. I also don’t mind the 1.5% cash back on everything and then shopping discounts on top of that. I also don’t pay an annual fee.  If you need a dedicated business card (or just want a better personal card) you can check them out HERE 

My Fav Skin Care & Makeup:

I started using Mary Kay skin care in 1997 (I was seeing a dermatologist and had horrible cystic acne) About 6 weeks into my new regime my doctor asked me what I changed because my skin had never looked so good. I was sold.   I have continued to use (and share) their products since then and happily have avoided botox and fillers so far!  I also like that they follow the European Union standards for safety and ban thousands of questionable ingredients. You can shop directly on my site HERE or get a Free Makeup Analysis  HERE 



*As always do your own research before making a purchase. I share these services and products because I use them. I make no claims you will love them as much as I do (although I hope you will!)