Mastering Relationship Building on Clubhouse: Best Practices for Lasting Connections and Meaningful Engagement

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Clubhouse is still going strong, despite what you might have heard. It’s still here even though the pandemic has come to a close, and that’s because it is different from many other social media platforms. As it’s more podcast like than anything else. Plus, it’s one of the best for relationship building. There are a few ways to accomplish this… 

Best Practices for Building Relationships on Clubhouse include… 

  1. Create a Meaningful Bio: The first two to three lines of your bio need to be enticing enough for someone to desire to view your entire profile. Next, you want to be sure to be direct as to who and how you help your ideal client avatar. Then, you’ll want to spark intrigue with the right call to action! This can lead to a back channel (BC) conversation. 
  1. Link Out to Social Media: It is exceptionally important for you to connect your Instagram or Twitter. You want people to know that you are not a bot. If they think you are forget about gaining relationships. 
  1. Hop on Stage: Raise your hand to be a speaker on stage. Your voice helps to make you a leader and an influencer! However, you must always practice good etiquette. Be sure you have the time to wait on stage for your turn, and have your elevator pitch ready to go, if needed. 
  1. Host Interesting Conversations: You can really make true collaborations here, and you can let that shine through with your co-moderators. Having multiple individuals host a room creates for great value, education, and even some entertainment! 

So with this in mind, will you take it off the app for a virtual coffee chat over zoom to see if you click? If you do, then take it to the next level and meetup in person. This is truly the best way to know if you align with one another! 

Comment below with your best clubhouse relationship building ideas!

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