5 More Tips to Effective Networking!

Each month the Hey Girl You Can community hosts a virtual networking event. These events are imperative for women who want to been known and seen in the community.  Women who want to connect and grow their community without having to leave their home!  Here are 5 tips to make the most of your networking time.

1.Be clear on who you are looking to meet. For example, if you are an insurance agent rather than saying, "I'm looking for people who need insurance" you might say, "I am looking to meet first time parents who need to consider getting life insurance for the first time." The more specific you are the easier it is for people to think of someone to refer you to.

2. Be clear on what you can offer others. For example, are you looking for guests on your podcast? Guest bloggers for your website? Someone to do a live IGTV collaboration? Where can you offer others a chance to collaborate with you?

3. Be clear on your next steps. For example, what's the best way for someone to connect with you? Do you have a freebie? What's your best social (are you on IG, LinkedIn, Facebook?) Don't say "everywhere" send people to one specific place to connect with you.

4. Be clear on who you want to follow up with. Have a notebook out during the event so you can take notes. Learn who is on, who they are looking to connect with, and who you might be able to introduce someone to. Take notes on who might be a great collab for you to follow up with. After the event personally connect with each person you "vibed" with.

5. Be clearly seen on screen. Great lighting, a professional background, and looking sharp like the pro you are can not be stressed enough.

Effective networking is more than just "showing up." It's being prepared, showing up professionally, and investing in the long game. Relationships take time and trust doesn't happen overnight. Be willing to show up each month and develop those connections. Remember, each woman there knows an average for 500 other women! It's worth 60 minutes of your time. One good connection can lead you to 500!


Want to join us at our next virtual networking event?  Find out more HERE.

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