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Tired, Burnt-out and Why a Bubble Bath Won't Fix You.

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Tired, Burnt-out and Why a Bubble Bath Won't Fix You.

Shared by HGYC Member Kristin Donnelly 

Actually, I know you’re exhausted. You have grand dreams, huge passions, deep love, and a plan to put it all in place. You know what you’re supposed to be, and you want to go be it, but everything in you is tired. 

You’re tired of managing your schedule and the schedules and expectations of others. You’re tired of working towards a goal only to be told that it’s still not enough. You’re tired of being tired!

I know, friend. I know, and I also know it’s not your fault. 

It’s America’s

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Get Ready, Adventure Awaits! Discovering Your Second Act!

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Get Ready, Adventure Awaits!  Discovering Your Second Act!

Shared by HGYC Member Jacqueline R. Robinson 


I had absolutely no clue as to what I would do next nor did I actually plan on retiring. I just knew that there was something else that was out there for me and I had to take a “leap of faith”.  By making this decision, I allowed myself for those few days soon after being downsized to reflect.  During those moments of reflection, I admitted to myself that I really had not been happy at work for a few years.  My plan was to “hang in there” for another 7 years until I officially retired.  I soon began to realize that the “hang in there” plan” was not a plan.  It only meant limiting my life by not allowing me to dream about other achievements and adventures that were out there waiting for me to discover. I asked myself, “If not now, then when”?

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We are excited to feature some of our community members and their wisdom on this page!  Keep on the look out for our NEW HGYC Blog coming soon!

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