Power Circles


One of the pillars of the HGYC community grew out of our very first clubhouse rooms. Hey Girl You Can & Will and Hey Girl You Can & Did.  We watched as women learned how to use goal setting for confidence building with an accountability boost built in. The results were crazy.  Podcasts started, courses launched, fitness goals crushed, family time enjoyed, and we even witnessed a kickstarter launch!

Wanting this technique available for everyone the Circles were born!  

You can learn more and sign up to join a circle HERE

Meet the HGYC Circle Leaders!

Bre Bradley

Bre is a Life + Biz Coach passionate about empowering women to pursue a life that sets their soul on fire. She uses creative strategy and out of the box thinking to help women get clients with confidence. She is the ceo of resourcefulness and your professional hype girl. In her free time you can find her on Pinterest looking for fun activities to do with her three kids or uplifting women in her community. 

Summer fun calendar:



Diana Downs

Diana spent a decade shaping minds of young adults as a HS English teacher before recently becoming a stay-at-home mom. She is the founder of Christian Moms Unite and co-founder of Stay-at-Home Moms Edition, two clubs on Clubhouse that bring moms together to talk all things motherhood. She launched a Motherhood Online Book Club that combines a mom’s need for community and love for reading and learning. On Instagram, she focuses on sharing about her faith and encouraging moms in their own journey. She believes that moms should continue figuring out their passions outside of motherhood and for Diana, she loves to read, write, and capture life’s moments through wedding and event photography. Hey Girl, You Can ignited her love for supporting other women so you can find her in rooms that do just that - whether it’s on how to confidently start a Clubhouse room, how to find motivation, how to set goals, or cheering you on as you share your win for the week.

Clubhouse: www.clubhouse.com/@hellosweethope

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hellosweethope.faith

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hellosweethope.faith/

Carisa Orwig

I'm a coach for people who are tired of stressing about "best practices" and "proven methods" but are ready for a custom strategy that actually works. It is possible to create a life you love that works around your unique skills and circumstances- and it doesn't have to take forever! I specialize in helping you design projects that pull you forward instead of drag you down. I work through one-on-one coaching, a mastermind community of entrepreneurs who support each other on and off clubhouse, powerful mastermind teams, and quick course design sessions.

Here are just a few examples of how I’ve delivered meaningful impact for my clients:
* Helping a burnt out teacher rediscover her passion with her lesson planning using a system that turns each lesson into a product for homeschooling families. She'll have her own business ready to go at retirement in a couple years.
* Helping a high achiever who has done all the "right things" stop achieving the "shoulds" and switch from an "empty" feeling employee to a joyful and financially stable business owner.
* Helping multiple experts go from thinking about a course for years, to knowing exactly what to do to create a course offering that wows clients- in under 90 minutes!
* Empowering teams of entrepreneurs to leverage each other's strengths, build leadership skills, and get comfortable with powerfully asking for support so members achieve more together.

Learn more about me at www.carisaorwigcoaching.com or DM me on Instagram @steadygrowthmastermind


Lisa Stuart

Lisa Stuart is a personal injury plaintiff’s trial attorney practicing for 20 years. She is also a Life Designer who advocates for women to redesign their life based on the blueprint of their dream vision. She went through her own personal transformation a few years back and mentors women to give themselves permission to say yes to themselves without fear and no to others without guilt, with loving boundaries. Lisa’s mission is to inspire, empower, and help women thrive with passion, purpose, and joy.

Lisa is also the creator of the Drama Diet, a book she is writing based on her concepts of empowerment, self love, and living a drama free life. Her Drama Diet program for women (and men) includes learning how to shed the weight of other people’s opinions, release the fear of judgment, find inner balance, and let go of limiting beliefs and self sabotaging thoughts.

Lisa believes that we never get there - that we are constantly evolving and leveling up. Her favorite saying is that in order to elevate and F.L.Y. you must First. Love. Yourself.

Lisa is a married mother of three, ages 22, 20, and 3! The juggle is real! When she isn’t mothering, lawyering, coaching, or speaking on Clubhouse (and other platforms) you can find her dancing, working out, writing songs, drinking coffee or green juice, and hanging out with friends and family.

Find Lisa @ www.linktr.ee/lisa.stuart