2 Year Anniversary Party GIFTS

Thank you to Marsha Hudson for leading our ANNIVERSARY GIFT committee. 

You will be blown away by the gifts donated by members of our community!

Here's just a sampling: 

*learn how to create a course and build out a curriculum 

*Learn how to negotiate to get paid more

*Learn to master Clubhouse for profitability

* Learn how to market and brand your business 

*Learn to shift your mindset for success 

*Learn to release negative thought patterns

and more.


Check out all the gifts you can grab for FREE HERE


A huge shout-out to Marsha Hudson! These are all available to you because of her!  Marsha trains educators and companies on how to create a culture of DEI. She is an expert at helping you build a profitable brand.  She regularly shares tons of training and resources on her LinkedIn page. Please give her some digital love by following her HERE.