Love Yourself FIRST this Valentine's Day

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5 Ways to Love Yourself on Valentine's Day

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you." 

~Rupi Kaur

From HGYC Founder Tara Geraghty 

Today is a day of love, and whether you are single, in a relationship or anywhere in between, I hope you’ll stop for a minute and think about what YOU love about your life.

Now grab a piece of paper.

Write down 5 things right now you love
about your life. (What are you grateful for?)

Now write down 5 people you love (and yes you can
count Jesus, someone who has passed or even a pet if you want!)

Now write down 5 things you love about you.

Next, 5 things you love about your business (or your favorite hobby).

Now 5 people you would love to connect with in HGYC.

And finally 5 things you would love to experience or try this year.

Now look at your list.

That’s a lot of love don’t you think?

I challenge you this month to write a love note of appreciation to one of the people on your list, to hang your 5 things you love about you on your bathroom mirror to read every morning, to ask the 5 people you would love to know better to host a room with you, and finally to choose 1 thing you will commit to experience this year and write out a plan to make it happen (I would love if you shared this with me too!)

Wishing you a beautiful Valentine's Day!

Believing you CAN and reminding you, YOU ARE LOVED,



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  • Miesha Nicole on

    This is a great exercise! I’m going to do it this weekend.

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